Our Vision for 2018

To Empower People for the Purposes of God

I want to mention the vision of the house [this church], for this year especially and we’re making some changes concerning that. We’ve has a vision written out for a long time actually. And so, we’ve shortened it up and going to get a little more focused. And the vision of the house [this church] is to empower people for the purposes of God. And we’re going to do that in three basic areas. If you want to go with me.


Steps to accomplish the vision:


  1. Prayer – Inviting God’s presence.

How many of you know that without the presence of God, everything you do is useless. How many of you know that? It is. It’s useless. It’s like shadow boxing, getting nothing done. But, you’re aggressively doing [something]. You might pray for hours on end, but until the presence of God is there, because you desire it, [nothing is going to happen]. And so we’re going to invite the presence of God.


  1. The second thing is this. We’re going to preach and to teach.

Jesus tells us in the Word of God, that everywhere He went, he sent His disciples out He said go teach and preach and heal all manner of sicknesses and disease. Three basic things He told them to do. And so they went out with power. How many of you want power, say amen? ((Amen)) Well that’s the vision of the house [this church], to empower people for the purposes of God. And God has a purpose for every one of us.


  1. The third thing we want to look at is praise and worship.

And not only just singing songs. We want to understand the presence of the Lord, leading to the glory of the Lord in manifestation. Amen. So, we don’t want you just to get feeling goose pumps and – wow wasn’t that great, no – we want the presence of God. So we can understand why we’re here and what we are doing and how it empowers us to go forth in the Kingdom of God.


I want you to say this with me – to empower the people for the purposes of God.


How many of you are the people of God, say amen? ((Amen))

Raise your hand, say that’s me! ((That’s me!))

Alright, we are the people of God because we are born-again children of God, having accepted Jesus Christ in our hearts and in our lives. We are not perfect, but we are forgiven. And we are growing in wisdom and revelation and knowledge and truth and understanding. And we know we’re going someplace [heaven], can you say amen. ((Amen))


What’s the vision of the house? ((To empower the people for the purposes of God.))


Alright so, if anybody asks you why do you go to the Christian Temple Church – [you can tell them] because they have a vision and the vision is to empower people for the purposes of God, and that means me. So, I just wanted to bring that to your attention. And we will be bringing that to your attention off and on all throughout the year.


‐ Pastor Larry, January 07, 2018